Mark Davis is an Australian author and speaker.

You can see him in action at conferences as host or emcee or keynote speaker.

You can attend his workshops and trainings on communication.

You can read his books on Public Speaking and Storytelling on Amazon.

You can write your book with him and be a speaker travelling the world.

Mark’s experience and passion lie in writing, speaking and training people to see their potential for greatness.

Director of Melbourne Education and Training Centre Pty Ltd, providing publishing services and training programmes.
Director of Davis Consulting Services Pte Ltd (Singapore) working in networking, fintech, blockchain, startups and more based in SE Asia.
Director of Global Community Support Ltd, a registered charity in Australia.

He consults to many projects around the world and assists in a clear communication message, as well as private consulting to CEO’s and startup founders.

You can contact him via WhatsApp on +61404178126 or email mark@markdavis.com.au

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