Disruption is what happens when a significant change affects an industry.

When chaos enters an existing system, and changes it for the better.


From Vinyl Records, to Cassettes to CD to Mp3.

From Cinema to VCR to DVD to Netflix.

From Face to face education to online courses to Virtual Reality.

We are commencing The Disruption Experience in Singapore. Fintech hub, Financial centre of South East Asia, and the microcosm of innovation and acceptance in one of the most disruptive areas in recent history.

A week of events, parties, education, networking, Virtual Reality, New Technology and more.

Blockchain technology and Crypto Currency.

We are running events that will be unique.

Pay with crypto to attend, exhibit or sponsor.

Speak about anything to do with disruption, change, shaking things up.

You get a crypto coin for functional use at the event, before and after.

You can pay with any crypto to attend, exhibit or sponsor. I’ll say it again.

Why would you go to a crypto event and have to pay with cash or credit?

We believe in this industry.

We believe it deserves its time to go mainstream.

Chaos, anarchy, massive change. Disruption.

Things aren’t the same anymore, so we have to change to adapt and thrive.

Join us in The Disruption Experience, at our events, in our Virtual Reality Expo, at the conferences, expos and parties.

Want to host an event part of #Disruption?

Want to speak?

Want to exhibit or sponsor? Packages from $5000 (in crypto equivalent) to $1M

Just contact us directly here, or message the CEO, Mark Davis, on +61404178126 -join the group – http://geni.us/disruptionwhatsapp and be a part of the new way of living the future. Make it happen with the new rules and the best way to start the new year.