I Promote Crypto


In the most amazing development in 2017, The industry of Cryptocurrency – ICO, Mining, Investing – Millionaires and Billionaires were created.

As an observer and fan of entrepreneurial opportunity I assist people finding the best way to learn about CryptoCurrency anywhere in the world. And build a business that capitalises on this revolution in finance and IT.

Most people lose a lot of money with bad decisions because they rush into the market and don’t work out what they need to do to succeed.

If you need to know more about:

  • Finding investors
  • Writing a whitepaper
  • Designing a referral system
  • Creating bounties and bonuses
  • Choosing coin or token
  • Starting a project
  • Building an Advisory Team
  • Hiring a CEO
  • Locating your company
  • Websites to promote your company
  • Online advertising in Google and Facebook
  • Securities laws in USA, Switzerland, Australia and more
  • Bloggers to promote your project
  • Vloggers to review
  • ICO listing websites
  • ICO audit legal teams
  • Token or coin generation 1 to 100 million
  • Need a speaker for your conference
  • Need a Crypto-friendly Emcee/host for your conference

We can help.

Please email mark@ipromotecrypto.com for more information.

Save money by hiring a consultant or speaker who knows the industry, is no-hype, and guarantees the advice is unbiased and up-to-date.

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