Writing a book.

Being a famous author.

Speaking about your passion and being paid to do it.

For many people, this is a dream. And for most of their life it stays a dream till one of two things happens.

  1. They write the book.
  2. They forget the dream.

I’m here to tell you that you can write the book, you can write it sooner than you think, and with the right help, it can change your life.

People tell me the best part of having a book is how confident they feel when they meet people. When asked what do you do, it’s awesome to say “I’m an author,” or “I’m writing my second book” or, “I write books and do public speaking”.

There are many types of books, I specialize in non-fiction, biography,  and business books. I write them, and I help people write their own.

More news coming soon on a dedicated website, but if you want to know more, please message at +61404178126 or email write@markdavis.com.au

Special bonus sneak peek – draft of a new book coming out soon…

What is the heavyweight champion of getting speaking bookings?

A book.

Who can argue with an expert?

Instant credibility. We don’t have to sell ourselves. It is uncomfortable to call someone up and say, “I am a really good speaker. I would like to speak at your event. Please hire me.” Not exactly the best positioning.

If we authored a book, our demo video becomes less important, or even unimportant. Book authors are held in high esteem. Check out the statements.

  • “I wrote a great blog article.”
  • “There is a video of me on YouTube.”
  • “I recorded an audio of me speaking.”
  • “Hey, check out this article I wrote for a magazine.”

Weak. This doesn’t do much for our credibility. Who do we think meeting organizers would hire first? Someone who claims to be a good speaker, or someone who is an industry author of a book? Authors win almost every time.

Meeting organizers want to feel that we are bringing great content and authority to their event.

Guess which introduction is more impressive to the audience?

#1. “Our next speaker is somebody who talks really well.”

#2. “Our next speaker is the author of the book …”

We can win awards, make audios, make videos, collect testimonials, and even produce spectacular results for clients. However, nothing sells us more than having our own book.

Event planners and audiences want experts that can speak adequately. Not great speakers with little actionable content.

But what about entertainment and performance? Yes, meeting organizers love that. They feel great when we perform well to their audience. But that is not what they originally asked for. They wanted content for their audience. If they only wanted entertainment, they could hire an actor or circus performer.

Is having a book better than someone with influence recommending us to others? If we only had one choice, let’s choose both. Chances are we don’t have someone with influence recommending us when we start. We are an unknown quantity. No one wants to risk their reputation on us.

But a book? That is something we can control. We can create our book, self published it, and be a superstar expert immediately. This is the heavyweight tool to move our speaking business forward.

We won’t get rich from book sales, but we can get rich from the credibility of being a book author. We will get more bookings.

Remember my story from the beginning of the book? I got invited to Hong Kong because a businessman saw my book and thought, “I want the author of this book to come speak to my salespeople.”

And that was my first invitation to Hong Kong and China to speak. My speaking fee?

A trip to Hong Kong and China for my wife and I, with unlimited shopping for my wife. She took advantage of the shopping, so it was a fair trade of services.

  • Did I have to sell the business owner on my services? No.
  • Did I have to show a demo video? No.
  • Did I have to produce references? No.

Because I was a book author, I received instant and full credibility. That is the power of a book.

So why don’t more speakers write and create their own book? 

Because it is hard.

Staring at a blank piece of paper or computer screen, trying to remember 8th grade English grammar, trying to be a professional writer when we trained ourselves in different careers, and well, it just gets worse and worse. Writing a book is hard even for professional writers!

But, dream for a moment. What if we were an author of a book in our industry? 

That would mean instant booking credibility. More speaking engagements. More workshops. Great training opportunities. And who wouldn’t want to be coached by an expert who even wrote a book? Plus, as the expert, our fees would be much higher.

But it gets better. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people wish they were an author of a book.

Why we want to be an author.

Let’s make a list.

#1. We have an ego. Everyone does. And it would be great to see our name as an author of a book. We could look back at this years later and feel that we accomplished something that is long-lasting. Being famous, even a little bit famous feels good.

#2. We have a message or skill deep within our hearts that we want to share with others. The book gives us an outlet for our passion to gift what we have to humanity.

#3. A book builds our brand. It could position us as the expert in the industry. What meeting organizer wouldn’t love to have an expert of the industry talk to their audience? We don’t have to prove our worth. All we have to do is give the meeting organizer our book. Done.

#4. This could be an extra revenue source if we offered to autograph our book at the end of our speech. It gives the attendees a chance to meet us personally and connect.

#5. Our book is the world’s best business card. No one will throw it away. And if we exchange “business cards” with someone, they will be impressed.

#6. Our book can be shared with others. We don’t know who will see our book next. Possibly a meeting organizer who thinks, “I want to book this person for our next event.”

#7. Our book means we can command larger speaking fees. We can’t think of a better return on investment.

#8. Our book leads to well-paid consulting, training and coaching.

#9. If we promote our books to the right market, they will become a lead generation tool. For example, if our book was titled, “64 Ways To Hide From Taxes”, who would we attract? Wealthier clients of course.

#10. Our book could educate and sell our product or digital services. For example, if we sold the world’s best skin care for acne, we could educate our audience not only in our talk, but also with our book. Our book could help event the most skeptical people to want the product mentioned in our book.

#11. Our book could promote our events. One promoter sells everyone at his free seminars his book, complete with two free tickets to his next event. At his next event, he upsells the attendees to his paid courses.

#12. Our book certifies us to run our own mastermind. We can then form our own group and network from a position of authority and expertise.

Okay, we could fill a book about the benefits of a book. But the point is:

“If we have a book, getting clients is so much easier.

Getting more clients, easier bookings, more money to speak, train or coach all means if we are serious about a highly paid career, we want our own book to launch us as soon as possible.

But not a writer?

No problem.

Here is the good news. We don’t personally have to write down every sentence, work on grammar, or even do a coherent outline. This is what professional writers do for us. Authors are not necessarily the same people that do the writing and grammar.

Now, if we are a professional writer, of course do it ourselves. But most speakers are not. They would rather spend their time speaking and promoting their career instead of staring at a blank computer screen.

Get a professional writer started on your book now. It is the fastest and best way to kick start one’s career when just starting out.

How much will it cost to get someone to help write your book?

The answer is, “Depends.”

How long will our book be? Do we know what we want to say already? What do we want our book to accomplish more? How quick do we need it? How much do we want to spend? Do we want to spend $10,000? $50,000? Or have our neighbor’s English major daughter do it for tuition costs? Or the drunk next door in exchange for a few cases of beer?

Good questions. Too many variables for this book, but here is a suggestion.

Mark is an expert in this area and keeps up with the changing market. Email Mark at CoachMarkDavis@gmail.com and he can point you in the right direction in the current market. 

But no matter what price range you decide for your book, remember:

“Every day we delay our book means money out of our pockets.” Just a simple increase in fees pays for our book quickly. Or if we have trouble getting our first clients, our book will pay for itself almost immediately.

To get the biggest return from our book, concentrate on this mantra:

“Don’t promote my book. Have my book promote me.”

(From the soon-to-be-published book on getting more bookings for public speakers)