Want to tell your story?

Maybe I can help.


There is magic in being seen as an author. People take you seriously. They want to have you speak. And they love getting a book signed personally by an author.

Do you have success and want to share with others? A book is the way.

But how do you write it?

Do you have the time to spend 2hr a day writing 1000-2000 words?

Getting a book written and published and marketed is a big job.

First a title

Then the words, 25,000-30,000 words of fresh well-written information.

Even your personal story will need editing so it reads well.

Designing a cover and cover copy.

Getting it edited and formatted.

Designing the cover for Kindle, Paperback, and Audible.

Getting the audio recorded.

Publishing in Kindle, Paperback, and Audible.

And managing the royalties, the bulk copies, the printing and more.

I write books with successful people and publish them for them within 90 days.

Not a mass-market book that looks like everyone elses, but your story, your vision, your words.

Expanded and contracted to be readable and desirable by readers.

Do you have the advertising and marketing skills on Amazon and Kindle?

Do you have the time to write 30,000 words knowing it will be cut to 20,000 and have to add another 10,000?

Do you have the patience?

Let me help.

I have written over 20 books in the last 10 years, and in the last 3 years have refined the process to now work with successful leaders in their field who want to share their story.

We can get your raw material, notes, audios, videos and more. And then get it transcribed, edited into a readable form and then marketed well.

What do you get?

Kindle, Paperback and Audio products are available when you create something.

  • You get the master files to own the copyright on.
  • You get the Kindle and Createspace published books.
  • You get 100 paperback delivered to your door.
  • You get an audio version that follows the Kindle word for word (Whispersync compatible)

And you get it all without leaving home or typing a single word.

What can I do with my book?

There are many marketing strategies, including advertising on Amazon, live events, book signings and more. It also depends on your business model. Some people have a book to get speaking engagements. Others use it for social proof for their business. Others like to lead into other products they have offline or online.

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